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The application of chitosan as the coagulant/flocculant in a microfiltration process of natural water has been evaluated. In order to study fouling effects, variations i ...
Desalination 245 (2009)

... commercial HA (Aldrich) in the presence of two weakly basic, cationic water-soluble polymers poly(diallyl dimethylammonium chloride) (PDADMAC) and chitosan were studied. The effect of different experimental parameters such as a mass ratio of HA to polymers, operating pressure, pH of solution on the HA
Desalination 223 (2008)

The efficiency of removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions was investigated by means of ultrafiltration enhanced with chitosan. The different experimental parameters such as initial concentration of metal ions, background electrolytes, pH solutions, ultrafiltratio ...
Desalination 198 (2006)

The principal disadvantage of this technology is the destiny of the removed concentrate nitrate. The reduction of nitrate by adsorption on natural chitosan is possible but requires an important reactional surface which makes difficult its industrial realisation. The kinetics of nitrate removal b ...
Desalination 227 (2008)

In the present work, cell-specific peptides were immobilized on chitosan and PLA scaffolds. The amount of immobilization, determined by HPLC, was confirmed to be in the effective range. Results from cultures of huma ...
Desalination 199 (2006)

We studied the elimination of fluorides from underground water by adsorption on chitosan followed by e lectrodialysis with the help of the CMX-ACS membranes, After determining the optimal conditions of the defluorudation of a syntheti ...
Desalination 165 (2004)

... for a variety of biomedical applications. Desalination 234 (2008) 166–174 Fabrication and characterization of chondroitin sulfate-modified chitosan membranes for biomedical applications Nai-Yi Yuana, Ruei-Yi Tsaia, Ming-Hwa Hob, Da-Ming Wanga, Juin-Yih Laic, Hsyue-Jen Hsieha* a Department o ...
Desalination 234 (2008)

In this study, the electrospinning technique was applied to fabricate biocompatible membranes composed of PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) and chitosan. With high porosity and interconnected structure, the electrospun membranes were suitable scaffolds for cell or tissue growth. In preparations ...
Desalination 233 (2008)

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