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Membrane biosorption is a new integrated process for xenobiotics removal from a water environment. The mathematical model has been presented in the paper based o ...
Desalination 144 (2002)

... solutions. One of the goals was to establish both the pH profiles for the removal of each metal ion (1.0 mM) and the effect on the biomass biosorption capacity of pH adjustment during the process. The effect of the presence of multiple metal ions, in the 0.1–1.0 mM range, on metal remova ...
Desalination 124 (1999)

... Biosorption of lead(II) ions onto Phaseolus vulgaris L. waste was investigated with the variation in the parameters of pH, contact time, biosorbent and lea ...
Desalination 244 (2009)

... and the ground water of Jajmau area of Kanpur city where a large number of tanneries are located. We have studied the phyto-remediation of Cr(VI). Biosorption of the chromium ion Cr(VI) onto the cell surface of Trichoderma fungal species in aerobic condition was investigated. Batch experiments wer ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

... in this study and experimental results and predicted data by the model are consistent. Desalination 207 (2007) 257–267 Effect of pH on biosorption of boron onto cotton cellulose Ru Liu, Wei Ma*, Cui-ying Jia, Lu Wang, Hai-Yan Li Research Centre of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpos ...
Desalination 207 (2007)

... Biosorption experiments were performed using different pretreated activated sludge as bioadsorbent for Cu2+, Cd and Ni2+. Pretreatment with NaOH was foun ...
Desalination 196 (2006)

... Biosorption has emerged as an alternative sustainable strategy for cleaning up water contaminated through industrial activities and/or natural processes.
Desalination 251 (2010)

... (the pseudo-second order rate constants, k2,e = 0.1059–0.9453 g/(mg min); the correlation coefficients, r = 0.9816–0.9993). Keywords: Biosorption; Cu(II); Marine algae; Agricultural by-products; Hill-der Boer equation *Corresponding author. 0011-9164/09/$– See front matter © 200 ...
Desalination 235 (2009)

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