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... during the transport process and to determine the kinetic relations. Packing material was used in the circulating reactor to increase the biofilm area and to enhance removal efficiencies of pollutants. The model was operated by feeding with glucose based synthetic wastewater. Parameter ...
Desalination 248 (2009)

... and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). The ATR-FTIR spectra and CLSM observations of the fouled membranes revealed the presence of a biofilm at the membranes surface for the two feed waters. A positive correlation was observed between the biodegradable organic carbon concentration (BDOC
Desalination 242 (2009)

... correlates the bio-cake architecture with membrane filterability in a submerged MBR under various operating conditions. Keywords: MBR; Biofouling; Biofilm; Bio-cake; CLSM; Image analysis; Cake layer; Porosity; EPS 1. Introduction Biofilms are ubiquitous life forms. In some instances their presence i ...
Desalination 231 (2008)

... container, and drying the container using a dirty cloth. Keywords: Household water treatment; Clay pot water filters; Storage containers; Cambodia; Biofilm 1. Introduction Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Currently, only 41% of Cambodians have access to safe drinking water [1].
Desalination 252 (2010)

... (MBRs) are commonly understood as the combination of membrane filtration and biological treatment using activated sludge. Development of a biofilm-MBR has been investigated combining a moving-bed-biofilm reactor with a submerged membrane biomass separation reactor. Treatment efficiencies wer ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

Generally, membrane biofilm have been believed to be minimized during the operation of membrane bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment and reuse. In this study, positiv ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

... of the intake water were investigated with the samples obtained from existing RO desalination plant. The analysis of organic matters of the biofilm on the membrane surface showed that macromolecular substances such as proteins and carbohydrates were the major composites and contributed to th ...
Desalination 249 (2009)

... all the pre-treatment steps including the raw water, quality of the applied chemical reagent types and concentrations, and the composition of the biofilm. Collected data confirm the good raw water quality specially the absence of heterotrophic bacterium (aerobic-anaerobic analyzed at 37°C+1°C an ...
Desalination 167 (2004)

A new pilot scale hybrid biofilm-suspended biomass membrane bioreactor was used to treat two wastewater streams generated in a fish canning factory. During a first stage ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

... process, as time progresses, microbiological growth occurs, mainly consisting of micro-algae and bacteria which form a fixed microbial ecosystem (biofilm) on the sand of biofilters. The establishment and maintenance of this biofilm are necessary for an effective treatment because some extracellula ...
Desalination 177 (2005)

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