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... Arsenic removal from drinking water is a major problem in many parts of the world. We have investigated arsenic removal by flocculation and microfiltration. Ferric chloride and ferric sulphate have been used as flocculants. The use of small amounts o ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... and direct sand filtration as pretreatment before ultrafiltration. The pretreatment effectively facilitated As(III) removal and residual arsenic was below 10 µg/L for membrane effluent. Sand filters exhibit good potential for removing ferric precipitates with adsorbed arsenic, and membran ...
Desalination 243 (2009)

... Arsenic is a serious problem in groundwater in Bangladesh, West Bengal, and other regions, with up to 100 million people worldwide estimated to be at ris ...
Desalination 252 (2010)

... in northern Greece, relies on local groundwater for the municipal water supply. The groundwater has pH 7.9 and contains elevated concentrations of arsenic (20 µg/L), phosphate (550 µg/L), manganese (235 µg/L) and ammonium (1.2 mg/L), whereas the iron concentration (165 µg/L) is relatively low.
Desalination 224 (2008)

Management of hazardous wastes, such as arsenic, is one of major public concern. Arsenic is a naturally occurring metalloid, which is widely distributed in nature. Recently, arsenic in drinking water attracted attention because some o ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

... produced during the hydrometallurgical recovery of germanium (Ge) from fly ash. The main metals causing reasons for environmental concern were arsenic (As), nickel (Ni) and antimony (Sb). Precipitation using calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) was the most efficient method for treating wastewater ...
Desalination 230 (2008)

In the last years, boron and arsenic are gaining wide attention in the water treatment community due to their adverse effects both on human/animal health and on agriculture. As ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... Arsenic in drinking water is a factor that has recently been shown to be a possible cause for an elevated bladder cancer risk in northern New England.
Desalination 243 (2009)

DESALINATION Desalination 131 (2000)293-298 E LSEVIER E ffect of pH on the removal of arsenic and antimony using reverse osmosis membranes Meea Kang*, Mutsuo Kawasaki, Sinya Tamada, TasukuKamei, Yasumoto Magara Graduate School o ...
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