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... thirty minutes are required for electrocoagulation to achieve total E. coli cells removal. Electrocoagulation has shown the same efficiency toward algae and coliforms in two kinds of surface waters. The main mechanisms of electrocoagulation are charge neutralisation of microorganisms by electrica ...
Desalination 219 (2008)

... both biological and physical mechanisms. During this process, as time progresses, microbiological growth occurs, mainly consisting of micro-algae and bacteria which form a fixed microbial ecosystem (biofilm) on the sand of biofilters. The establishment and maintenance of this biofilm ar ...
Desalination 177 (2005)

For long-term space missions, the algae Arthrospira platensis (previously Spirulina platensis) can be used as a food component. A. platensis can be cultured in a Zarrouk medium (furthe ...
Desalination 170 (2004)

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