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... extract ultrafiltration were examined. This material contained pectins, exhibiting a wide molecular weight distribution and a high tendency for aggregation. A dual pattern in the variation of the observed rejection coefficient with permeate flux was observed depending on the molecular weight ...
Desalination 148 (2002)

... limit the collapse of initial fractal structure. Flocculation of particles with other type of coagulants such as polycations or polymer for aggregation of primary particles would rather proceed from a bridging mechanism more than a charge neutralization is consider for further investigations.
Desalination 146 (2002)

... on the surface runoff results is not significant. On the other hand, the accumulated pollution load from a unit subcatchment, which is built by aggregation of several unit subcatchments consisting of various land cover conditions, is reduced through the deterioration of surface spatial resolution.
Desalination 226 (2008)

... that ionic liquids should show a similar behaviour as surfactants in membrane filtration, this research work analyses the potential of aggregation control to improve the performance of downstream membrane separations, applied to the system 3-octyl-1-methylimidazolium chloride (OMIM-Cl) ...
Desalination 224 (2008)

... provoking aggregate formation. Dynamic light scattering and turbidity measurements were used to track the evolution of hemicellulose aggregates. Aggregation generally coincided with distinct flux decline during nanofiltration thus indicating that this phenomenon may result in the build-up of ge ...
Desalination 175 (2005)

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