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Acid gas scrubber

An acid scrubber works at low pH as a result of which base components become captured. Salt is formed that way. On the basis of density and/or conductivity a part of the carrier liquid sluiced. The sluice can contain salts up to 15% and after purification is drained or evaporated for re-using. The dosage of the acid is regulated by means of pH-control. The pH that is sent trough the scrubber are in most of the cases are between pH 3 and 6. A generally used acid, from economic reasons, is sulphuric acid (H2SO4). For specific applications, for example for the captured of NH3, also nitric acid (HNO3) is used. Ammonium nitrate is formed that can be used can as manure. Due to there nature its possible to capture amines and also esters (fragrance components) in an acid scrubber.

At strongly acid degasses with for example has high concentrations of HCl
the scrubber itself will become acidious. The maximum acid degree must be regulated by means of the sluice or adding base. This is the case at wet scrubbing at combustion installations where in the first step a acid scrubbing is placed to capture the gross from the HCl.
At very large degas flows from which NH3 must be removed for example , preferably several scrubbers are placed parallel instead of one very large scrubbers is used. If low end concentrations are necessary, it is sometimes necessary place scrubbers in serial.
The advantages of the acid scrubber are:

  • Relatively compact

  • Very high disposal output

  • Can be built modular, multiple step systems

The disadvantages are:

  • Acid usage, pH-targeting designated

  • Effluent, the quantity can be limited by sending the sluice on for conductivity or density. If economically possible, in certain cases, formed salts are climbed the ladder and are re-used

The acid scrubber is mainly applied in the manure processing -, natural degeneration -, treatment of waste -, manure -, pharmaceutically -, foundry -, chemically -, fish food -, sterilization (ethylene oxide removal) industry.

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