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Aeration of Waste Water

Turbine aeration provides oxygen in sewage and waste effluent

Sewage aeration is necessary for providing oxygen to the effluent to be treated. Lenntech provides systems to be fixed to a concrete base or metal framework, and floating systems for ponds and waste water treatment plants. The turbine aerators are available in low speed (36 rpm) and high speed (to 1420 rpm) units with motor power ranging from 1.5 kW to 110 kW.

The advantage of the turbine aerators is that they aerate the water to be treated and also mix it, keeping the media homogeneous

As a rule of thumb, the amount of oxygen brought in the pond is twice the power of the turbine. For example, An 11 kW high speed turbine provides 22 kg/h O2 in the water.

Important for dimensioning the correct system for you are BOD and COD reduction required, and the dimensions (including depth) of the pond.

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