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Acid Water Treatment

For the treatment of acid well water to achieve a neutral pH for potable use, acidic water treatment is the choice:

Where does the acidity of well water come from?

Well water or groundwater with a low pH (Acid) gets it acidity from dissolved CO2 (Carbon dioxide).

Do I need to add or dose chemicals to the well water?

The to be treated water is led over a bed of filter media containing solid calcium carbonate. Through a reaction with the CO2 the water reaches a neutral ph or acidity level.

Why use a fixed media?

The advantage is in the simplicity. No electrical dosing pumps or liquid chemicals are required. Over dosage of caustic chemicals is not possible.

Why should one treat acid water?

Acid water can be aggressive and attack equipment, piping and appliances, preventing (green staining) corrosion and achieving higher drinking water quality.

Any other advantages?

Yes, an amount of dissolved iron in the well water will also be removed. (please measure the amount and contact us beforehand)

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