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GE Water Antiscalant

Eliminate scale and reduce fouling in your membrane systems

RO systems creates salt concentrated water streams that could produce scale or fouling, while “the narrow feedwater channel found in your spiral wound and hollow fiber elements accentuates scaling and fouling”. GE's membrane anti-scalants are a pretreatment programs designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feedwater source.

While treatment with an ordinary antiscalant does provide some improvement, the use of GE’s patented chemistry maximizes efficacy against a broad range of scale-forming substances and keeps fouling material in suspension.


Hypersperse MDC120 Antiscalant Sea Water
Hypersperse MDC151 Antiscalant
Hypersperse MDC220 Antiscalant
Hypersperse MDC714 Antiscalant
Hypersperse MDC772 Antiscalant
Hypersperse MDC775 Antiscalant Dispersant
Hypersperse MDC700 Antiscalant Dispersant
Hypersperse MDC704 Antiscalant
Hypersperse AF 250UL
Hypersperse MSI310 AntiscalantHigh Silica


KLEEN MCT103 Cleaner Acid
KLEEN MCT403 Cleaner Acid
KLEEN MCT411 Cleaner Acid
KLEEN MCT442 Cleaner Generic
KLEEN MCT511 Cleaner Basic
KLEEN MCT524 Cleaner Basic
KLEEN MCT882 Cleaner Acid
KLEEN AC9502 Deposit Removal


BIOMATE MBC2881E Compatible with BIOMATE MBC881E
All Antiscalants are Available in COZ, DRB, PAN Package
COZ = 1000 liter Container                                                               
DRB = 200 liter Drum
PAN = 25 liter Pail


Spectrus BD1500 Biocide
Spectrus NX1164 Biocide
Spectrus NX1102 Biocide


SOLISEP MPT104 Filler Ad
SOLISEP MPT150 Filler Ad
SOLISEP MPT170 Filler Ad


BETZDEARBORN DCL30 Chlorine removal
BETZDEARBORN DCL95 Chlorine removal
CorrShield NT4207 Corrosion Inhibitor
CorrShield OR4407 Non Nitrate Inhibitor
CorTrol OS Series Organic Oxygen Scavengers
CorTrol IS3000 Organic Oxygen Scavengers
CorTrol OS5300 Organic Oxygen Scavengers
Flogard MS6209 Corrosion Inhibitor
Inhibitor AZ8104 Copper Corrosion Inhibitor
OptiGuard MCA956 RediFeed All-in-One Treatment
ScaleTrol PDC9313 Deposit Control Agent
ScaleTrol PDC9324 Deposit Control Agent
ScaleTrol PDC9371 Deposit Control Agent
Steamate NA0540 Condensate Treatment
Steamate NA0960 Condensate Treatment
Steamate NA5640 Condensate Treatment
Solutions-for Breweries
Case Study Antiscalant
Case Study Coagulant Pretreatment
Case Study Water Process Technologies
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