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Selex SXA-40-XK

Part Number: 1197283

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Brand 432
Model SXA-40-XK
Pore size in µ 10.00
Adapter 2 Spring

Dimensions / Weights
Length in inch 40.00
Length in cm 101.60
Quantity per case 20 pieces
Shipping size of case in cm 27x33x105
Carton shipping weight in lbs 31.97
Carton shipping weight in kg 14.50
Selex SXA-40-XK

Selex Depth Cartridge Filters

Description and Use

The Selex* (SX) cartridge filter is a high precision graded density cartridge constructed of 100% pure polypropylene.

Selex provides a very high particle retention efficiency that equates to the performance of absolute rated filters.

The patented Selex manufacturing process controls the density and fiber size, which are key to the filter’s performance and long life.

Selex cartridge filters have sharp efficiency cutoff, fast rinse up for exceptional purity, and continuous, weld free lengths up to 40 inches (101.6 cm).


Typical Applications


  • magnetic media (CMP) – solvents, slurry/dispersion, pre-filter and final filter at coater
  • photographic – incoming water, liquid chemicals, developer, fixer, stopper solutions
  • petrochemicals – waterflood, completion,
  • enhanced oil recovery,amines
  • chemical process industry – reagent grade chemicals, process water
  • pure water – pre-RO, post- DI resin trap
  • frood and beverage – clarification, process water, polishing filter
  • metal finishing – electrode position paint, precision electroplating
  • potable water- polishing filter
  • pharmaceuticals – clarify production broths, prefiltration
  • oil and gas

Additional Information

Selex depth cartridge filters are made from thermally-bonded fibers of polypropylene.

GE certifies that it uses no resin binders, lubricants, antistatic or release agents or other additives in the manufacture of these cartridges, and that the resin used for manufacturing the filter media meets the food contact requirements of the U.S. FDA 21CFR regulations.

When required, specify only FDA compliant sealing materials and end adapters.

GE filter cartridges are designed and manufactured for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions.

Conditions will vary with each application and users should carefully verify chemical compatibility.

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SXA-40-XK Selex
Part Number: 1197283

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