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GE Hytrex GX01-9 3/4

Part Number: 1194266

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Brand 1
Model GX 01-9 3/4
Pore size in µ 1.00
Adapter 1 -
Adapter 2 -
O-Ring / Gasket / -

Dimensions / Weights
Length in inch 9.75
Length in cm 24.77
Quantity per case 40 pieces
Shipping size of case in cm 27x34x55
Carton shipping weight in lbs 13.20
Carton shipping weight in kg 6.00
GE Hytrex GX01-9 3/4

Description and Use

The purity and reliability of Hytrex* cartridge filters ensure consistent results, time after time.
Thermally bonded micro fibers create a strong secure cartridge that traps particles throughout its depth.
Hytrex combines efficiency, long life and purity to create a high performance depth filter.

  • Pure polypropylene construction
  • Fast rinse-up in high purity applications
  • Code of Federal Regulations 174.5 and relevant subparts of 177
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Automated packaging for a clean finished product
  • NSF Standard 42 certified

Operating Pressure & Temperature

  • Maximum operating differential pressure: 35 psid @ 100ºF (38ºC)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 160ºF (71ºC) @ 15 psid (103.4 kPa)

High Dirt Holding Capacity

  • True-graded density captures particles throughout entire filter depth
  • High dirt-holding capacity means longer life and fewer changeouts which translates to money saved
  • Lower density at the surface of the filter with progressively higher density toward the center
  • No surface blinding, which reduces flow and increases filter changeouts

Wide Range of Lengths & Adapters

  • Standard lengths fit most housings custom lengths can also be provided
  • Wide range of polypropylene end-adapters including gaskets, extended cores
  • GE patented self-seal polypropylene springs
  • If required, specify FDA-compliant sealing materials and end adapters

Typical Applications

  • high purity chemicals
  • bottled water
  • pre-treatment for reverse osmosis
  • oil & gas
  • electronics
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GX 01-9 3/4 GE Hytrex
Part Number: 1194266

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