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Eaton LOFPLEAT HV LPHV-40-0.5-4S

Part Number: LPHV-40-0.5-4S

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Brand 39
Model LPHV 40 0.5 4S
Pore size in µ 0.50

Dimensions / Weights
Length in inch 40.00
Length in cm 101.60
Quantity per case 12 pieces
Carton shipping weight in lbs 0.00
Eaton LOFPLEAT HV LPHV-40-0.5-4S

LOFPLEAT HV Series Cartridge Filters

LOFPLEAT-HV is designed for the filtration of compounds containing agglomerated particles and gels or with high viscosity.
The extra-life depth filter configuration allows for absolute retention performance throughout the pleated, serialized microfiber matrix.
The large surface area and optimized structure provides higher flow rates and throughputs than cylindrical melt blown filters.

Features / Benefits

  • High surface area and graduated pore structure
  • Manufactured from all polypropylene construction for optimum compatibility with wide range of system liquids
  • Pleated media offers best combination of retention, flow rate and throughput
  • Superior agglomerated particle and gel retention
  • Constructed from FDA approved materials that meets USP Class VI biological tests for plastics
  • All common end configurations available to fit most filter housings

Filter Specifications


  • Polypropylene

Core, cage, end caps

  • Polypropylene

Gaskets / O-Rings

  • Silicone, Viton©, EPDM, Buna, FEP encapsulated Viton (O-Rings only)

Micron ratings

  • 0.45; 0.5; 1; 3; 5; 10; 20; 40 μm

Typical Applications

  • bulk slurries
  • CMP point-of-use
  • adhesives
  • inks
  • paints
  • beverages
  • coatings


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LPHV 40 0.5 4S Eaton LOFPLEAT HV
Part Number: LPHV-40-0.5-4S

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