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Eaton LOFPLEAT HT LPHT-20-0.45-3S

Part Number: LPHT-20-0.45-3S

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Brand 38
Model LPHT 20 0.45 3S
Pore size in µ 0.45

Dimensions / Weights
Length in inch 20.00
Length in cm 50.80
Quantity per case 12 pieces
Carton shipping weight in lbs 0.00
Eaton LOFPLEAT HT LPHT-20-0.45-3S

LOFPLEAT HT Series Cartridge Filters

This disposable, versatile high temperature filter cartridge with a high efficiency borosilicate micro fiberglass media construction offers a greater surface area and high system flow rate.

Features / Benefits

  • High temperature filtration capability of 110°C (230°F)
  • Consistent pore size for high efficiency removal of debris
  • Polyester hardware offers increased range over those of standard polypropylene
  • High surface area for increased flow and dirt holding capacity
  • Long service life provides low cost change-out benefits
  • Maximum differential pressure dirt unloading eliminated by fixed pore construction
  • Broad application range with micron retentions from 0.2 μm to 30 μ

Filter Specifications


  • Borosilicate micro fiberglass with acrylic binder

End caps

  • Polyester

Inner core

  • Polyester

Gaskets / O-Rings

  • Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone, FEP encapsulated Viton© O-Rings


  • Polyester

Support layers

  • Polyester

Micron ratings

  • 0.2; 0.45; 1; 3; 10; 30 μ

Typical Applications

  • petrochemicals
  • solvents
  • boiler water
  • lube oil
  • chemicals
  • inks
  • oil & gas
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LPHT 20 0.45 3S Eaton LOFPLEAT HT
Part Number: LPHT-20-0.45-3S

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