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Environmental problems

List of environmental problems and related issues as described on our website

We all know the world has its problems, particularly where the environment is concerned. But not too many of us know the details, and the stories behind those problems. On our website, many environmental problems, effects and disasters are described. Here, these are summarized. The links will bring you to related informational pages.

Acid deposition

Air pollution

Air pollution news

Climate change

Development environmental movement

Drinking water pollution

Environmental disasters

Environmental effects and toxicology

Environmental impact of volcanic eruption

Environmental effects of warfare


Filamentous bacteria


Global warming and the greenhouse effect

Groundwater pollution

Heavy metals

Irrigation water pollution


Matter cycles and pollution


Ozone toxicology

Particulate matter

Periodic table, including environmental effects

Population growth

Recent environmental disasters

Water pollution

Feeling knowledgeable on environmental problems? Try our environmental quiz!

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