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An experimental investigation on the effect of blade surface roughness, due to dust accumulation, on the performance of wind turbines was performed. The development of the energy generating costs of wind turbines directly depends on the wind turbine output, which depend ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

A comprehensive measurement programme was carried through 300 kW Nordtank stall-regulated horizontal axis wind turbine. These turbines were erected at the test station for windmills by Hurghada Wind Energy Technology Centre. To the extent necessary t ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

The question is usually not whether a wind turbine can be designed to optimise the power production at the site, but rather whether an existing wind turbines with a certain rotor can be modified in order to improve the power production. In this paper the various methods for improving the wind ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

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