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... are more and more used in treating waste water in order to reuse, and then alleviate water scarcity problems. In this pilot test, ultrafiltration (UF) membrane was chosen as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis (RO) for the reuse of the cooling tower blowdown (CTB) of a power plant in north of China.
Desalination 222 (2008)

This study evaluates the factors affecting pretreatment conditions for hybrid UF membrane processes for reuse of secondary effluent from the sewage treatment plant. The experimental results obtained from the ultrafiltration (UF ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

PAC pretreatment would enhance the organic removal but at the same time increase membrane fouling. Desalination 170 (2004) 59–67 Fouling of UF membrane by humic substance: Effects of molecular weight and powder-activated carbon (PAC) pre-treatment Chi-Wang Li*, Yi-Shiou Chen Department o ...
Desalination 170 (2004)

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