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Titanium dioxide

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In this study, photoanodic chlorine generation and chlorate formation were investigated using a nanoporous TiO2 photo-electrode under an illumination intensity of 7.4 mW/cm2 UV and biased at +1.0 V vs. SCE. Chlorine formation increased over time finally reaching a steady-state concentration of 4 ...
Desalination 176 (2005)

The photocatalytic degradation of an azo dye derivative, chrysoidine Y (1), was investigated in aqueous suspensions of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide by monitoring the change in substrate concentration employing UV spectroscopic analysis and decrease in total organi ...
Desalination 171 (2004)

... in the flow reactor with immobilized photocatalyst bed and in the suspended system integrated with ultrafiltration (UF). A commercially available titanium dioxide (Aeroxide† P25, Degussa, Germany) was used as a photocatalyst. The solution after the photocatalytic reaction was applied as feed i ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

The influence of a coagulant type and operating parameters on crossflow microfiltration of aqueous dispersions of titanium dioxide was examined. Two types of coagulant for series of crossflow microfiltration experiments were used: inorganic * Al2(SO4)3 and organic ...
Desalination 240 (2009)

... , biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chloride ion concentration and their degradation was studied by heterogeneous photocatalytic systems using titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) under UV/solar irradiation. The degradation of the organic matter present in the effluent was evaluated as COD
Desalination 228 (2008)

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