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Textile wastewater

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... Textile industry processes (dyeing, bleaching, printing and finishing) require a high-water consumption generating high amounts of wastewater. Accordin ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

... Textile wastewater is commonly treated with activated sludge process technology. However, its treatment performance has not been demonstrated to be ver ...
Desalination 242 (2009)

... Textile industries represent an important environmental problem due to their high water consumption. In many Spanish regions with water scarcity, this... environmental problem due to their high water consumption. In many Spanish regions with water scarcity, this fact can be an argument to make wastewater reuse necessary. In this work, a biologically treated wastewater from a cotton thread factory was subjected to nanofiltration (NF) in two ways ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

A combination of coagulation and ultrafiltration (UF) processes for textile wastewater reclamation was investigated using various types of coagulating chemicals such as polyamine, alum, polyaluminum chloride (PACl), an ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

... study the application of the nanofiltration process was investigated mainly in the retention of color and chemical oxygen demand (COD) present in textile industry wastewater. Nanofiltration experiments were carried out in a pilot unit, operating in crossflow. Three different types of spiral woun ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

The present work experimentally studied the clarification of wastewater using the electroflotation technique (EF) with aluminum electrodes. In the first part, we have studied the principal parameters (feed tension U ...
Desalination 228 (2008)

The paper comprises a case study on the implementation of the advance treatment process (ATP) in seven smallscale textile industries. The ATPs installed and commissioned are in compliance with the Statutory Board directions for recovery and reuse of treated effluent... treatment process as boiler water make-up has resulted in a reduction in water requirements by 30–35% in each industry. Keywords: Textile wastewater; Ultrafiltration; Reverse osmosis; Recycle/reuse; Boiler water 0011-9164/07/$– See front matter © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserve ...
Desalination 217 (2007)

... any significant improvement. Thus, single stage 5 mm MF followed by 100 kDa UF was selected as the best prefiltration train to NF that permits the textile producer to reclaim indigo dyeing wastewater. This paper presents a comparative study of MF/UF as prefiltration to NF in the reclamation of indig ...
Desalination 240 (2009)

The discharge of textile wastewater containing dyes in the environment is worrying for both toxicological and esthetical reasons as dyes impede light penetration, damag ...
Desalination 237 (2009)

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