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... Surface modifying macromolecules (SMMs) were synthesized and blended into the casting solution of polyethersulfone (PES) membranes. The solution was cast... have potential to be used for the purpose of membrane distillation. Keywords: Surface modifying macromolecule; Polyethersulfone; Surface modification; Hydrophobic membrane 1. Introduction It is known that in a polymer blend, thermodynamic incompatibility between polymers usually causes demixin ...
Desalination 149 (2002)

Poly (ether sulfone) (PES) 50 kDa membranes were surface modified by irradiation with UV light (254 nm) in the presence of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidine (NVP), 2-acrylamidoglycolic acid monohydrate (AAG) and 2... causing decreases in both flux and retention at energies up to 200 mJ/cm2. The presence of monomer during UV irradiation results in surface modification with polymer chains and retards the loss of membrane selectivity compared with membranes irradiated in the absence of any monomers for ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

CO2 plasma was used to modify hydrophobic polypropylene microporous membranes to create hydrophilic surfaces. Structural and morphological changes on the membrane surface were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron... to the unmodified membranes. The results demonstrated that the bovine serum albumin fouling was suppressed significantly by plasma surface modification. Desalination 244 (2009) 80–89 Reducing protein fouling of a polypropylene microporous membrane by CO2 plasma surface modification Xiao-Chu ...
Desalination 244 (2009)

... and the extent of enhancement is highly dependent on pore size distribution of activated carbon. Keywords: Reactive dye; Cetylpyridinium chloride; Surface modification; Surfactant 1. Introduction Dyes have been widely used in many industries including textile, paper printing, leather, colo ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... is split in two parts: i) the first shows some effects caused by action of non-polymerizing gases, i.e. polymer etching and/or alteration of surface character, and, ii) the second covers action of plasma reagents resulted in the deposition of polymer layers. The authors’ attention is focused... the results of the authors’ own research on preparation of brand-new polymer membranes. Keywords: Polymer membranes; Plasma treatment; Surface modification 1. Introduction Excellent properties and low price result in a wide use of polymers for membrane manufacturing task. Unfortunately; the numbe ...
Desalination 163 (2004)

This report describes the properties of surface-modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes. These membranes were created by coating hydrophilic polymers on the support PVDF membrane to... and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy (ToF-SIMS). These surface sensitive techniques were used to confirm the successful surface modification. ToFSIMS imaging visualizes the distribution of the coating layer on the PVDF membrane. Furthermore, the amount of protein adsorption onto th ...
Desalination 192 (2006)

A simple grafting procedure was developed for surface modification of commercial polyamide reverse osmosis membranes. The modifications were monitored by spectral analysis. This technique was als ...
Desalination 124 (1999)

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