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... 5-isoxazolones derivatives has been studied by the liquid-liquid extraction method. The diffusion of the corresponding complexes with Fe(III) in supported liquid membrane (SLM) system has been evaluated. It was found that the selectivity improves as the 4-acyl groups become bulkier. This improvemen ...
Desalination 148 (2002)

The transport of cationic dyes methyl violet and rhodamine B from aqueous synthetic dye solution through flat type supported liquid membranes (SLM) using di (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) as carrier was studied and the parameters affecting the dyes transpor ...
Desalination 245 (2009)

A supported liquid membrane was prepared by impregnation of commercial microporous polymer film with methyl cholate in cyclohexane and was used to stud ...
Desalination 242 (2009)

Facilitated transport of Cs-137 across supported liquid membranes (SLM) containing a calix-crown ligand viz. calix[4]arene-bis(crown-6) (CC), calix[4]arene-bis(o-benzocrown-6) (CBC) or calix[ ...
Desalination 232 (2008)

Transport of metal ions through supported liquid membranes has been investigated. A general dimensionless model for mass transfer coefficient is proposed which consists of diffusional ...
Desalination 219 (2008)

The extraction of short peptides through a supported liquid membrane containing di-2-(ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) as a carrier was investigated. The extraction was carried out from th ...
Desalination 163 (2004)

A supported liquid membrane (SLM) contains organic solvent and organic extractant as one organic phase, and a porous support structure. It has been widel ...
Desalination 225 (2008)

D,L-lactic acid and D,L-alanine solutes resolution was studied in supported liquid membrane using a polypropylene hollow-fiber module. The enantioselective transport of solutes was facilitated by N-3,5-dinitrobenzoyl-L
Desalination 148 (2002)

... membrane pore size was observed (P = 2.56×10–3 cm/s for 0.2 micron pore size; P = 6.78×10–4 cm/s for 5.0 micron pore size). Keywords: Supported liquid membrane; Uranium (VI); Transport, Alamine 336 *Corresponding author. Presented at PERMEA 2003, Membrane Science and Technology Conferenc ...
Desalination 163 (2004)

... processes in the chemical industry. In our previous paper, we examined the separation of a mixed solution of benzene and cyclohexane using a supported liquid membrane (SLM) based on ionic liquids. In this study, vapor permeation (VP) of benzene/cyclohexane through a SLM using ionic liquids base ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

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