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Reverse osmosis membranes

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The characteristics of membrane surface have a significant effect on membrane performance. In this study two commercial reverse osmosis membranes both made from polyvinyl alcohol named TFC-ULP and TFC-SR2 were challenged with tap water. The performances of the membranes ...
Desalination 139 (2001)

Toray Industries and Toray Engineering have developed a new type reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and its process for seawater desalination, which brings advantages of high water recovery, low energy cost and lower plan ...
Desalination 125 (1999)

Large-scale reverse osmosis (RO) plants with productions of the order of several cubic meters per day are extensively used throughout the world for water desalination... confirmed by further operating conditions on a daily production basis to compare permeate quality and energy consumption vs. pressure. Other RO membranes will also be tested. Nevertheless, it can be con-cluded that for the small RO pilot the energy consumption decreases as feed water recovery an ...
Desalination 137 (2001)

One of the key transport parameter—permeability, is being used as an intrinsic characteristic of membrane for reverse osmosis process prediction. In this study, the prediction of reverse osmosis process in terms of boron rejection was carried out in two steps.... in two steps. First, the permeability of boron existing as boric acid − B(OH)3 and as metaborate ion B(OH)4 through seawater reverse osmosis membranes was estimated in three types of feed matrix: DI water, NaCl and artificial seawater. The second step was to develop a computer program usin ...
Desalination 249 (2009)

Concentrate staging which is one of the configurations of reverse osmosis membrane system has made hybridization of different types of membranes such as sea and brackish water reserve osmosis membranes possible.
Desalination 249 (2009)

We systematically evaluated the effects of operating conditions on biofouling behaviors in reverse osmosis (RO) membrane processes. The biofouling experiment was performed by filtrating nutrient-containing feed water with a cross-flow... bacterial The effects of operating conditions on biofouling in RO membrane processes were systematically investigated. The biofouling of the RO membranes was evaluated by filtrating bacterial medium through a circular polyamide RO membrane with pre-adhered bacteria. The TMP and stirring rat ...
Desalination 378 (2016)

... lists available at ScienceDirect Desalination journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/desal Biofouling resistance of polysulfobetaine coated reverse osmosis membranes Milena Ginic-Markovic ⁎,1, Thomas G. Barclay 1, Kristina T. Constantopoulos 2, Elda Markovic 1, Stephen R. Clarke 1, Janis G.
Desalination 369 (2015)

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