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Reverse osmosis (RO)

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... in Korea was retrofitted to improve treatment efficiency by using integrated membrane process that is composed of membrane bioreactor (MBR) and reverse osmosis (RO) process. In general, proper treatment of landfill leachate is difficult for its refractory contaminants and widely variant volume du ...
Desalination 149 (2002)

In the present work, one type of reverse osmosis desalination plant with 2.5 t/d product was introduced. An experimental study was carried out, the result of experiment was analyzed. Th ...
Desalination 174 (2005)

... are determined for adequate economic hypothesis used in Morocco or recommended by international organizations such as IAEA and OECD. Keywords: Reverse osmosis (RO); Combined cycle power plant; Desalination systems; Economic analysis; Levelized desalted water costs 1. Introduction As man ...
Desalination 165 (2004)

... electronics industry generates large amounts of fluoride-containing effluents. The objective of this study is to study the feasibility of applying reverse osmosis (RO) membrane separation to reduce fluoride load to less than 1 kg/d. The effect of transmembrane pressure on the removal of fluoride io ...
Desalination 173 (2005)

... ends were discussed at the conditions of the chambers set horizontally or vertically, with and without pistons. Keywords: Seawater desalination; Reverse osmosis (RO); Energy recovery device; Dynamic process 1. Introduction Reverse osmosis (RO) technology, one of the primary methods of producin ...
Desalination 160 (2004)

An integration of water vane pump and hydraulic vane motor was introduced in small reverse osmosis (RO) system, in which the hydraulic vane motor was used as energy recovery device. The hydraulic performance and energy consumption of on ...
Desalination 276 (2011)

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