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Renewable energy

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... 153 (2002) 1–8 A photovoltaic-powered seawater reverse-osmosis system without batteries Murray Thomson*, David Infield CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology), Loughborough University, LE11 3TU, UK Tel. +44 (1509) 228144; Fax +44 (1509) 610031; email: M.Thomson@Lboro.ac.u ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

... concepts for stream-leading and heat recovery has been successful. Keywords: Solar still; Desalination; Water purification; Desalination units; Renewable energy; Independent use 1. Introduction Solar stills are used to produce fresh water from sea and brackish water by directly utilizing sunshine.
Desalination 139 (2001)

... and over 1.4 billion people without access to modern energy services [Alliance for Rural Electrification Web Site, April 2008; www.ruralelec.org], renewable energy (RE) technologies can play an important role in meeting the needs of these people. Unfortunately many projects which have involved th ...
Desalination 252 (2010)

... and cost savings more than compensating for the reduction in membrane life that occurs with variable feed conditions. Keywords: Reverse osmosis; Renewable energy; Wave energy; Autonomous; Energy recovery 1. Introduction It is now generally accepted that it is desirable to increase the amount o ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

... on the power available at a constant current and the annual cost savings that can be made. Keywords: Electrical power measurement; Energy saving; Renewable energy 1. Introduction Of particular attention to society is the efficient use of electrical energy. An electrical engineer is in a place t ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

... power, this being possible by use of a simple programme. Desalination 160 (2004) 293–299 Optimization of RO desalination systems powered by renewable energies. Part I: Wind energy Ignacio de la Nuez Pestana*, Francisco Javier García Latorre, Celso Argudo Espinoza, Antonio Gómez Gotor Schoo ...
Desalination 160 (2004)

... been assessed. The study has placed particular emphasis on the possible solutions enabling: energy saving; power co-generation (multi-flashes); renewable energy sources (reverse osmosis). The study has also explored the potential for the production of Aeolian energy and identified solution ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

Desalination 153 (2002) 9–16 A wind-powered seawater reverse-osmosis system without batteries Marcos S. Miranda*, David Infield Center for Renewable Energy Systems Technology CREST, Loughborough University, LE11 3TU, UK Tel. +44 (1509) 228144; Fax +44 (1509) 610031; email: M.S.Miranda@lboro.a ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

... based on the electric resistances was done. Thus the feasibility of electric energy obtaining in the considered way was discussed. Keywords: Renewable energy; Reversed electrodialysis 1. Introduction Coal mines in Poland discharge ca. 550,000 m /d of water containing 4000 t/d of chlorides an ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

... desalination units. Desalination 168 (2004) 29–37 Autonomous desalination system concepts for seawater and brackish water in rural areas with renewable energies — potentials, technologies, field experience, socio-technical and socio-economic impacts — ADIRA Ulrike Seibert*, Gisela Vogt*,... of this paper is to present the planned activities and future results of the ADIRA project. After a short introduction into the problem of energy and clean water supply in rural areas, a detailed project description follows in order to inform relevant stakeholders about the present activitie ...
Desalination 168 (2004)

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