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... achieved by the new FILMTEC products as well as results of field experiences made with FILMTEC seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are presented as per their status as of February 2000, along with the analysis of the relationship between the achieved performance and th ...
Desalination 136 (2001)

While removal efficiency of most components in water by RO membranes is very satisfactory, the removal of some trace elements such as boron by RO membranes, especially those with long service life, is relatively low. The interplay between pH and ionic strength is believed to be the key t ...
Desalination 248 (2009)

Biofouling due to microbial growth on the RO membrane adds significant osmotic pressure and causes frequent chemical cleaning which reduces the life of RO membrane. Biocides such as chlorine,... organism growth in the desalination process. Its selection and application should be optimized according to raw water characteristics and the membranes used. Applying sequential disinfection technology for biofouling control could bring lower disinfectant demand and disinfection byproduc ...
Desalination 238 (2009)

This paper describes the characterization and evaluation of various RO/NF membranes for the treatment of seasonally brackish surface water with high organic contents (TOC ≈ mg/L). Twenty commercially available 21 RO ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

With the aim of obtaining RO membranes for brackish water desalination from purified celluloses (cotton linters and bleached bagasse pulp), two reactions (heterogeneous an ...
Desalination 159 (2003)

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