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Pore size distribution

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... hydrophobic microporous membrane. The influence of membrane porous structure on vapor conductivity coefficient was studied theoretically using the pore network as a model of porous medium. The pore networks were considered as a long and straight cylindrical capillaries arranged around the bonds of... straight cylindrical capillaries arranged around the bonds of two- or three-dimensional lattices with fixed coordination number z for lognormal pore size distribution. The effective-medium theory (EMT) and smooth field approximation (SFA) were used for describing of mass-transfer through the porou ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

The major ion partitioning effect may be due to steric, Donnan and dielectric exclusion which are collectively described by the Donnan steric pore model and dielectric exclusion (DSPM-DE). The effect of various ion size on charged solute rejection was studied using the DSPM-DE model. Sodium... variation in the prediction of charge density present in the surface of the membrane using the various ionic radii. The effect of pore size distribution of each ion was studied using log- normal probability density function for both positive and negative charge density, which also showe ...
Desalination 214 (2007)

The paper reviews one such approach, including: the formulation of a mathematically consistent description of rejection and flux at nanofiltration pores, the inclusion in calculations of pore size distributions with pore size dependent physical properties, the linearisation of these models t ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

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