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Photovoltaic system

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... function (RBF) network with infinite impulse response (IIR) filter in order to find a suitable model for sizing coefficients of the stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) systems, based on minimum of input data. These sizing coefficients allow to the users of stand-alone PV systems to determine the number o ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

Electric energy consumption in the arid Saharan regions is continuingly increasing due to increasing urbanization. Photovoltaic solar energy may be a suitable form of alternative electric energy production due to the abundance of solar energy in this region. In this paper... of the PV installation by comparing the PV electric energy produced and the required consumption load and. It also permits the optimization of the system relative to the factor of time. This paper presents the algorithms used in and the overall outline of a simulation program to determine th ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

A small-scale photovoltaic (PV) powered reverse osmosis (RO) plant is designed to operate at variable flow/ pressure conditions for stand-alone applications in equatorial... and a PV power-permeate daily production rate of 0.64 Wp.LÀ1 for a feed water with 800 mg.LÀ1 of total dissolved solid. Keywords: Photovoltaic system; Reverse osmosis; Brackish water desalination 1. Introduction The drinking water and electricity supply remain an unresolved issue for man ...
Desalination 250 (2009)

Received 8 April 2015 Received in revised form 10 July 2015 Accepted 30 July 2015 Available online 15 August 2015 Keywords: Reverse osmosis Photovoltaic system Optimal operation Battery-less system Active constraint control a b s t r a c t Small RO based desalination plants driven by solar powe ...
Desalination 375 (2015)

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