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A predictive model for a water purification process integrated in an absorption heat transformer, using an artificial neural network, is proposed in order to obtain on-line predictions of the coefficient of performance (COP). This model takes into account the input an ...
Desalination 219 (2008)

A large set of experimental data was collected and then used in creating these models. Two algorithms were applied in the learning process: neural network (NN) with a gradient-descent algorithm, and a hybrid system composed of NN trained by a genetic algorithm (GA). Each algorithm was allowe ...
Desalination 214 (2007)

... between measured and estimated data by using different models. Desalination 209 (2007) 64–72 Sizing of stand-alone photovoltaic systems using neural network adaptive model Adel Mellita*, Mohamed Benghanemb a University Centre of Médéa, Institute of Science Engineering, Dept. of Electronics ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

A theoretical comparison of neural network (NnM) and thermodynamic (ThM) models is carried out to estimate on-line the coefficient of performance (COP) in an absorption hea ...
Desalination 243 (2009)

... much faster than a three-layer perceptron trained with back-propagation, but requires additional computational burden. Keywords: Reverse osmosis; Neural network; Prediction; Radial basis function network 1. Introduction Finding an approximate model is an issue, which engineers are faced with whe ...
Desalination 135 (2001)

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