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Municipal wastewater

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The start-up of a pilot-scale membrane bioreactor equipped with submerged ultrafiltration membranes to treat municipal wastewater has been studied. Attention has been paid to determine membrane separation effects on biomass development in a reactor operate ...
Desalination 237 (2009)

Major municipal wastewater reclamation plants in California, USA, Singapore, and many built or planned for other regions of the world use the high pathoge ...
Desalination 208 (2007)

... are categorized as a function of the raw wastewater quality and the reuse application. Starting point is the definition of reuse applications; municipal wastewater can be reused for an industrial, a domestic, a natural, and an agricultural purpose. Next step in building the treatment matrix is th ...
Desalination 218 (2008)

... main objective of this study is to investigate the reuse possibility of effluent from a vertical submerged membrane bioreactor (VSMBR) treating municipal wastewater. The average removal efficiencies of total chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen (T-N), and total phosphorus (T-P) were 96, 74 ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

In this study, the coagulation process is evaluated in treatment of municipal wastewater on the basis of organic material (e.g. chemical oxygen demand, COD) and suspended solids (TSS) removal efficiency. Alum-coagulatio ...
Desalination 211 (2007)

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