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Methylene Blue

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The potentialities of castor seed shell (CSS), a waste agricultural by-product, in the remediation of water, contaminated with Methylene Blue (MB), a basic dye, were investigated in the present study. The CSS was ground and washed, thoroughly, to remove any water extractabl ...
Desalination 227 (2008)

In this study, methylene blue (MB) was chosen as a model dye to test a novel photocatalytic reactor using titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanofilm. TiO2 photocatalysis is a ligh ...
Desalination 211 (2007)

... was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of using activated carbon (AC) in conjunction with ultrafiltration (UF) in the removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solutions. The combination of activated carbon with UF in this work was to exploit the high adsorption capabilities of AC
Desalination 170 (2004)

... hydrothermal conditions. Their photoactivity and adsorptivity were evaluated separately by the measurements of relative concentration of methylene blue (MB) and iminoctadine triacetate (IT) remained in the solution either in the dark or under UV irradiation. Activated carbon could adsorb ...
Desalination 159 (2003)

... objective of the present study was to examine the potential use of the vacuum membrane distillation process for the treatment of dyed solutions. Methylene blue (MB) was used as a model dye. Batch experiments were conducted on dilute MB-water mixtures using a tubular polypropylene membrane module.
Desalination 174 (2005)

A continuous adsorption study in a fixed-bed column was carried out by using phoenix tree leaf powder as an adsorbent for the removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution. The effect of flow rate, influent MB concentration and bed depth on the adsorption characteristics of adsorben ...
Desalination 245 (2009)

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