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Membrane morphology

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... Membranes are widely used in wastewater treatment. In this study, cellulose acetate (CA) (Mw = 52,000) was mixed with polyethylene glycol (PEG) (Mw = 400)... was used for preparation of flat sheet membranes. Effects of CA and PEG concentrations and also coagulation bath temperature on the membrane morphology were discussed in terms of membrane thickness and cross section structure. Pure water permeation flux of the membranes was also measured.
Desalination 243 (2009)

Hollow fibres used in membrane filtration units submerged into the biological stage of a municipal wastewater treatment plant, so-called membrane bioreactors (MBR), are investigated in terms of pore structure, membrane morphology, and membrane material characteristics. In order to reduc ...
Desalination 231 (2008)

Both the relationship between the flux and the fouling mechanism of ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and the effects of pretreatment before reverse osmosis (RO) process on the treatment of the effluent of industrial park wastewater treatment plant... to the Hermia model to give the implication of the fouling mechanism. Then, the fouling mechanism was further identified with the aid of the SEM morphology of membrane surfaces. For the latter, the changes of both water characteristics (turbidity, TOC, conductivity, particle size distribution, an ...
Desalination 202 (2006)

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