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Membrane material

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... 3. Cost economics A s the membrane costs are dropping globally t o the order of 17%, the overall production cost T he paper discusses threadbare on the ways a nd means to make RO a... MF/ED is widely discussed. Modularization technology leading to reduction in running and installation costs is strongly advocated. Newer membrane materials are touched upon driven more by application - rather than system specific. Industrial effluents and sewage constitute a major chunk of recycl ...
Desalination 132 (2000)

A copolymeric membrane material containing a tertiary amino group was synthesized by radical copolymerization of 2-(N,N-dimethyl amino) ethyl methacrylate an ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... which may have much industrial use. Diafiltration operation was used for purification of LS. The LS present in SSL were estimated using different membranes (polysulphone, cellulose acetate, fluoropolymer) of varied cut-off sizes (1 K, 5 K, 10 K, 20 K, 25 K, 50 K and 100 K). Sharp cut-off membranes in... close rejections (80–84%). The effect of different operating conditions such as different transmembrane pressures, dilution of SSL, membrane materials and different cut-off sizes was studied on flux and rejection. The effect of sharp and diffused cut-off membranes on flux and rejection was als ...
Desalination 174 (2005)

Polymeric membrane flat sheets as well as hollow fibres are widely used in membrane bioreactors in order to separate biologically cleaned water from suspended solids. The polysulfone (PS) flat sheet and polyethersulfone (PES)... solution was tested to investigate whether there is an effect on membrane fouling. Keywords: Ultrafiltration membrane; Wetting agents; Membrane material *Corresponding author. Presented at the Third Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrad Countries (PERMEA), Siofok, Hungary, 2– ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

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