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Membrane emulsification

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Crossflow and rotating membrane emulsification techniques were used for making oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions. The emulsions produced from a variety of oils and monomers (viscosit ...
Desalination 224 (2008)

... paper we illustrate applications of a new set of force balance equations able to predict the average size of a droplet forming during cross-flow membrane emulsification processes. These balance equations allow to correlate the droplet diameters with the advancing and receding contact angles alon ...
Desalination 199 (2006)

There has been an increasing interest in a new technique for making emulsions known as membrane emulsification, which uses a microporous membrane operated in cross-flow. The continuous phase is pumped along the membrane and sweeps away dispersed phase droplets forming from pore openings a ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... on an oil-in-water (O/W) submicron-emulsion, suggesting its topical administration to treat neurodermitic skin. For preparing the O/W emulsion, a membrane emulsification method was examined. Membrane emulsification has received increased attention over the last decade due to its main advantages o ...
Desalination 224 (2008)

Shirasu-porous-glass (SPG) membranes with a mean pore size from 0.4–6.6 µm were used to produce O/W emulsions consisting of vegetable (rape seed) oil as the dispersed phase and... in agreement with the HagenPoiseuille law. The membrane porosity is independent on the pore size and ranged from 53–60%. Keywords: Membrane emulsification; Porous glass membrane; Oil-in-water emulsions; SPG membrane; Hydraulic membrane resistance; Membrane porosity. *Corresponding author. Presente ...
Desalination 144 (2002)

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