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Membrane autopsy

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The pretreatment of raw seawater is necessary to minimize the organic fouling of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membranes. To predict the membrane fouling of the pretreated seawater, the modified fouling index (MFI) with ultrafiltration (UF) was investigated in terms of molecular weight... terms of contact angle, zeta potential, functional group and microscopy. Keywords: Pretreatment; Seawater desalination; Reverse osmosis; Membrane autopsy; Organic matter *Corresponding author. Presented at the First International Workshop between the Center for the Seawater Desalination Plant and th ...
Desalination 238 (2009)

This study identified the membrane fouling of a two-stage RO process of the Bai-sha brackish water desalination plant facing serious fouling problems. Two membrane modules, one from... recovery rate, pH and the potential for bio-fouling should be defined at the real operation. Keywords: Brackish water; Scaling; Fouling; Membrane autopsy; Foulants identification 1. Introduction Penghu archipelago located in the Taiwan Strait, southwest of the Taiwan Island, is an arid area. Th ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

Within the lifetime of most membranes some fouling will adversely affect membrane performance and cleaning will be necessary. The cleaning will depend on the type of deposit such as organic fouling, inorganic scaling or... as to the identity of the foulant, the only reliable method of determining the true identity of the foulant with confidence, is by membrane autopsy. Different deposits affect the performance of the plant in different ways. Deposits such as organic fouling cause reduced output and increase ...
Desalination 167 (2004)

Fouling and scaling are the most serious problems in membrane processes. In sea/brackish water applications, pretreatment of RO feed water is the key step in designing the plants to avoid membrane fouling and... were observed due to severe membrane fouling. To identify the causes for the poor performance, different investigations were carried out. Membrane autopsy was performed and chemical analyses of foulants on the membrane surface by scanning electron microscopy were carried out to identify the matter ...
Desalination 235 (2009)

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