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... in presence of zinc and a change of crystalline varieties. Keywords: Scaling; Calcium carbonate; Zinc; Electrocrystallization; Visualization; Image analysis *Corresponding author. Presented at the conference on Desalination and the Environment. Sponsored by the European Desalination Society an ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

... of membrane biofouling in water treatment can be studied using specific stains (fluorochromes) and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). An image analysis program (CMem) has been developed to quantify parameters describing the biofilm structure on curved membrane surfaces, such as hollo ...
Desalination 246 (2009)

Aeration Potted end Fig. 5. Specification of the hollow fiber module and sampling points for bio-cake specimens (3 fibers × 6 specimens/fiber × 1 image/specimen). Desalination 231 (2008) 115–123 Correlation of biofouling with the bio-cake architecture in an MBR C.H. Leea*, P.K. Parka, W.N. Leea,... with membrane filterability in a submerged MBR under various operating conditions. Keywords: MBR; Biofouling; Biofilm; Bio-cake; CLSM; Image analysis; Cake layer; Porosity; EPS 1. Introduction Biofilms are ubiquitous life forms. In some instances their presence is desirable, such as biofilms fo ...
Desalination 231 (2008)

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