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This paper describes a novel system of solar assisted heat pump desalination. A single effect desalination unit has been designed and fabricated, and it is connected to an existing solar assisted heat pump.
Desalination 168 (2004)

... with humidification and dehumidification process is deemed as an efficient and promising means of utilizing the condenser and evaporator of heat pump to produce freshwater from seawater. This paper presents a new type desalination unit driven by mechanical vapor compression pump which wa ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

The paper, “Heat pumps as a source of heat energy for desalination of seawater”, was published in Desalination [Vol. 139, 2001]. In the paper, heat pumps using agent R12 or water and vapor were introduced to be used as a source of heat energy for desalination. The cyclic processes of heat pump ...
Desalination 169 (2004)

Thermal desalination plants consume large quantities of heat energy for seawater evaporation. In condensing water vapor procured in evaporators and cooling distillate, a major part of heat energy is lost in... desalters in the environment results in its heat pollution, a greenhouse effect. Thermodynamic analysis described in this paper shows that the heat pumps make it possible to use heat energy effectively at desalination plants. It is provided with the incorporation of a heat pump in the flow diagram o ...
Desalination 139 (2001)

... the point of competing technically and economically with the MSF process. Major features of the MED process are low primary energy consumption, low heat transfer area and high gain ratio. This paper discusses the general features of existing commercial MED plants and associated technical aspects... paper discusses the general features of existing commercial MED plants and associated technical aspects related to steam, condensers, evaporators, pumps and capacity. It also discusses gain ratio, operating temperature, materials of construction, operation and maintenance of these plants, associate ...
Desalination 126 (1999)

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