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Fouling rate

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... membrane unit, designed only for particle separation, could be relatively easily optimized in terms of membrane aeration. Combining observed fouling rates with measured particle size distribution and minimizing both parameters indicates a desirable sustainable aeration rate for given wastewate ...
Desalination 231 (2008)

Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are considered as the major cause of membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors. Recent studies have revealed a linear relationship between fouling rate (increase of filtration resistance over time) an ...
Desalination 192 (2006)

... Fouling is still one of the major issues of the membrane bioreactor (MBR) research. Most attention is currently paid to extracellular polymeric substances... results indicate that SMP influence fouling only under certain conditions such as low sludge age and large pore size. SMP concentrations and fouling rates were determined over several months of operation in three MBR plants of different size equipped with flat sheet ultrafiltration modules and operate ...
Desalination 231 (2008)

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