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Forward osmosis

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A novel osmotic membrane bioreactor (OsMBR) is presented. The system utilizes a submerged forward osmosis (FO) membrane module inside a bioreactor. Through osmosis, water is transported from the mixed liquor across a semi-permeable membrane ...
Desalination 239 (2009)

... Forward osmosis (FO) is an osmotic process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to effect separation of water from dissolved solutes by an osmotic pressur ...
Desalination 249 (2009)

... osmosis (RO) membrane in the 1960s, the technique has been widely used for the purposes of both small scale and municipal seawater desalination. Forward osmosis (FO) is now also emerging as a possible contender, with the potential for much lower energy consumption. In this study, we have develope ...
Desalination 227 (2008)

... decade osmotically driven membrane processes have attracted growing interest in wastewater treatment, desalination and power generation. A hybrid forward osmosis–nanofiltration (FO–NF) system designed for brackish water desalination was systematically investigated in this study. The hybrid FO ...
Desalination 284 (2012)

Concentrated brine is the major waste stream generated from the desalination process. The current study proposes a multi-stage Nanofiltration (NF)–Forward Osmosis (FO)–Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) system to increase the recovery rate of brackish water. The simulation results showed tha ...
Desalination 363 (2015)

... Forward osmosis (FO) has recently attracted growing attention in wastewater, brackish groundwater and seawater desalination, and power generation. Thi ...
Desalination 350 (2014)

A polyamide thin-film composite (TFC) forward osmosis (FO) membrane was fabricated and compared to a commercially available cellulose acetate (CTA) membrane for treating shale gas drilling ...
Desalination 366 (2015)

... • Highly impaired liquid streams can be sustainably treated by forward osmosis. • Forward osmosis treatment of drilling mud and produced water was evaluated. • Water recovery N 70% was achieved in pilot and demonstration scales.
Desalination 333 (2014)

... Forward osmosis is a rapidly emerging technology that has potential to enable low cost water treatment and desalination. Previous investigations hav ...
Desalination 343 (2014)

... (PRO–RO) process for power generation and seawater desalination. Two pre-developed software were used separately to estimate the performance of forward osmosis (FO) and RO process. The draw and feed solutions in the FO process were seawater and low-quality water; i.e. wastewater effluent an ...
Desalination 344 (2014)

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