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... sea water (concentrations of upper than 10,000 ppm) feed concentration is the key parameter. Keywords: Sea water; Desalination; Electrodialysis; Experimental design; Taguchi; ANOVA 1. Introduction Desalination is a process that removes dissolved minerals from seawater, brackish water, or treate ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

... cells that differ in the type of anodes (platinum-coated titanium, ruthenium-coated titanium, and graphite) was made. By means of the experimental design method employing a full factorial of 23, the effects of the most influencing parameters, the set-up of optimum conditions, and th ...
Desalination 160 (2004)

In this paper, the experimental design and computer simulation model of a multi-effect humidification/dehumidification (MEH) solar desalination system has been presented. Th ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

... metal working fluids were considered and the optimum conditions for filtration were estimated. In order to reduce the number of experiments an experimental design method (Taguchi) was applied. Seven parameters including pH, oil concentration, temperature, salt (NaCl, CaCl2), feed velocity, an ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

... evaluated for compliance with the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. Keywords: Dyestuff; Agricultural residue anion exchanger; Wastewater; Experimental design 1. Introduction Many industries, such as textiles, leather, paper, plastics, etc., widely use synthetic dyes in order to colour thei ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

... engineering has been applied for the separation of copper ions from a solution using a laboratory electrodialysis set-up to evaluate the optimal experimental conditions and hence to achieve the highest removal percentage and the best robustness of the quantitation from the least number of experimental... for copper removal from wastewater. Desalination 169 (2004) 21–31 Separation of copper ions by electrodialysis using Taguchi experimental design Toraj Mohammadia*, Ahmad Mohebb, Mohtada Sadrzadehb, Amir Razmia a Research Laboratory for Separation Processes, Faculty of Chemical Engineering ...
Desalination 169 (2004)

... solution composition and equipment design parameters such as feed flow rate, operation mode and cell geometry. In this paper a full factorial experimental design was employed to determine effects of different operating parameters such as voltage, flow rate, temperature, feed concentration an ...
Desalination 167 (2004)

... of scaling and fouling. FO can help to reduce the RO process cost by avoiding RO membrane fouling and achieving higher water recovery. An experimental modelling has been employed to describe the FO process taking into account water flux, water recovery and final draw solution. Based on this... and achieving higher overall water recovery Modelling takes into account flux, water recovery and the final draw concentration An experimental design methodology has been successfully applied for FO optimisation The optimal FO conditions are determined and validated by real brackish water a r t ...
Desalination 350 (2014)

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