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... for the desalination of the seawater is proposed. The plant is composed of reverse osmosis and multistage flash in series. Electrical and thermal energy are supplied by a cogeneration group for the production of electrical and thermal energy connected to the public net. From a first analysis, the... simplifications and cost reduction for the fresh water, compared to the equivalent systems in parallel. Desalination 153 (2002) 167–171 Energy saving with MSF–RO series desalination plants Ennio Cardona*, Salvatore Culotta, Antonio Piacentino DEAF – Department of Energy and Applied Physics ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

... power factor surcharges on your electricity bills. For this purpose, this work presents an electronic circuit for the measurement of electrical energy. The design is based on a sample and hold method, which generates two DC signals. The first signal is proportional to the peak value of the line... circuitry. Results are presented to show the effect of a changing power factor on the power available at a constant current and the annual cost savings that can be made. Desalination 209 (2007) 328–333 An electronic meter for measuring the saving in electrical power Tarik Al-Khateeb*, Marti ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

A hybrid latent heat storage and spray flash evaporation system has been devised in an attempt to develop an energy saving desalination system that stores intermittent thermal energy such as waste heat, solar heat or heat from the surplus steam of a power statio ...
Desalination 137 (2001)

... Energy recovery systems based on turbines activated by concentrate leaving the plant have been in operation in many reverse osmosis (RO) plants for many... in a RO plant for seawater desalination with a permeate capacity of 5000 m³/d for demonstration purposes. Keywords: Energy recovery; Energy saving; Pressure exchange system; Reverse osmosis; Seawater desalination; Operating costs 1. Introduction To optimize the energy demand of reverse osmosi ...
Desalination 125 (1999)

... same feed flow rate. Although the hydraulic dissipated power was significantly increased (about 6 times), the decrease of more than 25% in specific energy consumption was obtained by the use of the static mixer. Moreover, the presence of the static mixer in the membrane tube provided the similar... similar permeate flux values at about 5 times lower cross-flow velocity, thus reducing the energy consumption for more than 80%. Additional energy saving was achieved using the Kenics static mixer with the aspect ratio (ratio of element length to mixer diameter) greater than 1, especially at th ...
Desalination 163 (2004)

... technologies implementation and operational cost have been assessed. The study has placed particular emphasis on the possible solutions enabling: energy saving; power co-generation (multi-flashes); renewable energy sources (reverse osmosis). The study has also explored the potential for th ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

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