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Energy consumption

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Taking three examples of plants with brine concentrators, we analyse energy consumption of existing and projected systems. This includes plants using Turbocharger boosting system, Turbocharger boosting with additiona ...
Desalination 138 (2001)

... plants and potable water supply systems are then analyzed in order to present the main results. At the scale of the water treatment process, energy consumption is shown to carry the highest environmental burden of potable water production. Chemicals production for coagulation an ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

... a comparison between the coupled process and conventional single phase backwash. The analysis initially compares the fouling velocities; then the energy consumption determined for the different operating conditions. The results confirm that backwash with two-phase flow greatly improves the remova ...
Desalination 240 (2009)

To reduce energy consumption in the buildings and minimize negative environmental impacts, it is necessary to determine the operating condition that provide ...
Desalination 209 (2007)

... in the past decade. Despite significant advancements in our understanding of the FO process, questions and challenges remain regarding the energy efficiency and current state of the technology. Here, we critically review several key aspects of the FO process, focusing on energy efficiency,... Received in revised form 17 October 2014 Accepted 21 October 2014 Available online 6 November 2014 Keywords: Forward osmosis Desalination Energy consumption Fouling Thin-film composite High-salinity brines a b s t r a c t Forward osmosis (FO) has been extensively investigated in the past decade.
Desalination 356 (2015)

... under different conditions, such as operating pressure, recovery rate, and inlet flowrate, was extensively investigated; long-term performance and energy consumption of the dual-stage NF process were analyzed as well. The results showed that during the long-term operation, UF could provide qualifie ...
Desalination 368 (2015)

... pretreatment equipment to reduce compared to conventional system. Considering also to new isobaric ERD that has been developed in this project, the energy consumption was estimated and compared the results with that of conventional system. It is suggested that the reduction of energy consumption is t ...
Desalination 368 (2015)

Using a CAPE-OPEN interface standard for running Matlab scripts in ASPEN, this modelling approach provided a flexible tool for quantifying the energy consumption of desalination by simulating real process conditions. It was concluded that there is effectively no difference in SEC between the FO
Desalination 377 (2016)

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