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Drinking water production

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A large-scale ultrafiltration (UF) system integrated with coagulation was applied to produce drinking water from the highly turbid Taihu River. This UF installation could produce 10,000 m3 drinking water per day. In this study, the effect of FeCl3... prolonged. The natural organic matter removal mechanism by coagulation was also discussed. Keywords: Ultrafiltration; Coagulation; Drinking water production; High specific flux 0011-9164/08/$– See front matter © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserve ...
Desalination 230 (2008)

Surface water was purified by ultrafiltration membrane to produce drinking water. The membrane flux decreases with increasing turbidity and there is a somehow linear relationship between membrane flux and the log of... pressure (ΔP) and temperature. The result showed that the model can well predict the membrane flux. Keywords: Ultrafiltration; Drinking water production; Membrane flux; Model 1. Introduction Water resource degradation coupled with more stringent water quality regulations have promoted an increasin ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

... of salt is assumed, the potable water cost is estimated to be only $0.44/m3. Keywords: Dual-purpose desalination; Salt production; Electrodialysis; Drinking water production; Cost estimation; Integrated systems Presented at the EuroMed 2002 conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranea ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

Ultrafiltration of Binxian reservoir (near Harbin in China) water to produce drinking water was investigated in this study. Membrane flux declined with temperature coming down. Using coagulation before UF not only increases the... Membrane filtration offers fewer coagulation agents needed and good quality of produced water. Keywords: Ultrafiltration; Drinking water production; Backwash; Chemical cleaning; Permeate flux 1. Introduction Membrane processes are gaining importance for water applications as a result of th ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

... stage current density. The desalinated water cost was equal to 1.05 $/m3 assuming 0.06 $/kWh. Keywords: Seawater desalination; Electrodialysis; Drinking water production; Cost estimation Presented at the EuroMed 2002 conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

The aim of this work is to develop a predictive control algorithm to improve the productivity of an ultrafiltration pilot plant producing drinking water from surface raw water. The objective is to avoid irreversible fouling, that means to get a constant quality of the membrane after backwash... plant obtained for different water quality and changing operating conditions, during several hundred filtration cycles. Keywords: Drinking water production; Ultrafiltration; Fouling; Long-term modelling; Predictive control *Corresponding author. Presented at the International Congress on Membranes an ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

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