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Cross-flow microfiltration

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... flux between 15 and 90 L/h m2. Desalination 246 (2009) 154–159 Manufacture of ceramic membranes for application in demulsification process for cross-flow microfiltration Roberta Del Colle*, Carlos A. Fortulan, Sérgio R. Fontes Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering School of São Carlo ...
Desalination 246 (2009)

... membrane pore size humic acids were easier to be removed compared to fulvic fraction. The ability of NOM removal by hematite using flocculation–cross-flow microfiltration hybrid system was studied. Predetermined organic, hematite and calcium chloride concentrations were used for the study. Th ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

... from the membrane surface by the shear rate of the tangential flow, a simple convective model for unsteady-state transient flux prediction in cross-flow microfiltration has been developed. The correlation coefficient between the model parameter B and operating conditions was used to analyze th ...
Desalination 238 (2009)

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