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Concentration polarisation

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A detailed study on concentration polarisation during microfiltration (MF) was carried out in order to improve control on cake layer formation. Concentration polarisation is reduced by several back-transport mechanisms, however, for particles in the size range 0.5–30 µm shear-induced diffusion i ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

... and their transfer to the permeate channel. The effects of changes in rejection, wall permeation rates and solution properties on velocity and concentration profiles are presented for empty channels and channels with eddy promoters. For high polarisation applications typically encountered i ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... using a finite difference method. The numerical prediction of mass transfer in the mass boundary requires the use of a very dense grid. The concentration profiles along the membrane surface and the mass boundary layer are predicted. The effect of the Reynolds number, the wall Reynolds number and... onto a permeable surface of membranes. The Reynolds wall number influences the solute concentration profile and also controls the concentration polarisation along the tubular membrane. The polarisation concentration under a wide range of operating conditions can be analysed in terms of th ...
Desalination 171 (2004)

... to obtain the real permeability coefficient (Ps), the conductometric method of determining osmotic flow has been proposed. The influence of concentration polarisation on Ps has been estimated. The extended expression for the polarisation correction factor has been derived. The thickness of th ...
Desalination 162 (2004)

... perpendicular to the membrane surfaces. The results of calculations show that the gravitational convection exerts a significant effect on the concentration distribution in an electromembrane desalination channel in the cases where the Grashof number is high and the input flow velocity Fig. 5.... is close to perpendicular to the membrane surfaces. Keywords: Electrodialysis; Ion-exchange membranes; Mathematical modelling; Concentration polarisation; Gravitational and forced convection; Diffusion boundary layer 1. Introduction Membrane processes and in particular the electrodialysis ar ...
Desalination 192 (2006)

... restricts the widespread application of this process in the industry is the decline in flux. This occurs due to the build up of the solute concentration near the membrane surface, which is defined as concentration polarisation. An accurate quantification of concentration polarisation as ...
Desalination 168 (2004)

... mass transfer coefficient for different spacers. This research can be used as a foundation to develop a deeper understanding of the effect of concentration polarisation during the filtration and to evaluate a sufficient strategy for the development of a spacer. Desalination 146 (2002) 213–21 ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

Diffusive transport of a substance through a membrane separating solutions of different concentrations leads to the formation of concentration boundary layers (CBLs) adjacent to its surfaces. This phenomenon, commonly referred as concentration polarisation, causes the permeabilit ...
Desalination 198 (2006)

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