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Colloidal fouling

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Microstructures of cakes formed on ultrafiltration membrane as a result of packing of colloidal aggregates generated in rapid coagulation have been investigated though small angle neutron scattering experiments. Scattering curves show an... large scale depending on the friction forces between the particles and the strength of inter-particles bonds. Keywords: Cake filtration; Colloidal fouling; Aggregation; Fractal structure 1. Introduction One of the main factors that determines the operating costs of membrane systems is the magnitude o ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

... reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. Operational experiences in these plants suggest that while MF and UF membranes encounter pore and cake fouling by colloidal particles (0.1 micron down to molecular sizes, ie. nanoparticles), a significant fraction of the smaller colloidal particles pass through the MF
Desalination 208 (2007)

... Fouling of membranes by colloidal organic and inorganic particles continues to be documented as the most common and challenging obstacle in attaining stable continuous operatio ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

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