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Carbon dioxide

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A new membrane material containing facilitated transport groups for carbon dioxide has been synthesized through the hydrolysis of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) obtained by radical polymerization. The composite membrane wa ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... two different routes for the formation of open-microcellular and open-nanoporous membrane morphologies. Porosity is introduced by expansion of carbon dioxide saturated films and hollow fibers at elevated temperatures. The microcellular structure manifests itself by small spot-like openings wit ...
Desalination 144 (2002)

... initial exposure to distilled water at 80°C. In the time scales of the experiments (up to 15 days), no evidence was found that the presence of carbon dioxide at 80°C made the water significantly more aggressive to the copper/nickel alloys. The superiority of the Cu/30Ni alloy over Cu/10Ni a ...
Desalination 138 (2001)

... 30% Ni, in distilled water. The study involved exposure of specimens to distilled water (1.5–7 µS/cm) at 20–80°C with and without injected carbon dioxide. At 20°C upon initial exposure to distilled water, the 10% Ni alloy exhibited somewhat active corrosion behaviour during anodi ...
Desalination 126 (1999)

... Carbon dioxide is one of the global warming gases. Utilization of a sustainable energy is one of the effective technologies for the mitigation of CO ...
Desalination 234 (2008)

Whilst carbon dioxide is water soluble the system is somewhat complex and results in the presence of carbonate anions which interact with cations such as Ca2 ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

... were determined spectrophotometrically employing arsenazo III metal indicator for color development. Keywords: Supercritical fluid extraction; Carbon dioxide; UO2; U3O8; Thorium; Tissue paper; TBP; TOPO *Corresponding author. Presented at the Symposium on Emerging Trends in Separation Science an ...
Desalination 232 (2008)

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