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... and commented. Significant details of full plant scale-up are also described. Desalination 126 (1999) 293–300 Application of membrane systems for COD removal and reuse of waste water from anaerobic digestors Jasmine Castelblanque, Francesco Salimbeni ADECO S.A., Via S. Pietro Pambio 1, 6902 Lugan ...
Desalination 126 (1999)

... to provide the granular sludge bed under the oxygen-limited conditions. The oxygen addition rates were controlled at 3–4 g O2 l!1d!1. The total COD removal efficiency of more than 94% was achieved throughout the whole operation period. N was removed through the simultaneous nitrification an ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

... carried out with four UF membranes in order to select the most suitable one. The secondary effluent after a 50 micron cartridge was treated and the COD was analyzed. According to the highest COD removal, the membrane selected was the IRIS 3028 from Rhodia–Orelis with a cut-off of 10 kDa. In th ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

... treatment stage by ultrafiltration (UF). Nowadays, the factory effluent is treated by an activated sludge process. This effluent has high values of COD (200 mgO2 L−1) and TDS (5000 mg L−1) which makes its use in the textile processes impossible. In such situations, reverse osmosis (RO) has been... different pressures in a pilot plant equipped with a flat-sheet membrane module. The studied responses were permeate flux, salt retention and COD removal. The NF90 yielded a COD reduction of 99% and the highest salt retention (75–95%). As the permeate quality obtained with this membrane wa ...
Desalination 222 (2008)

... the associated chemicals (mainly salt) in the effluent stream. The dyes remaining after this step were less than 1 ppm. The percentage removal of COD was greater than 99%, and the salt recovery was on the order of 90%. Equilibrium studies were carried out with synthetic solutions of the dyes (bot ...
Desalination 174 (2005)

... wastewater treatment. The combination of biological degradation with membrane filtration allows for high reduction of chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N). In this paper, a laboratory-scale membrane bioreactor was fed with synthetic... (NH3-N). In this paper, a laboratory-scale membrane bioreactor was fed with synthetic wastewater to investigate the possibility of simultaneous removal of organics and nitrogen. The degradation of synthetic wastewater at a hydraulic retention (HRT) time of 8 h has been studied. Three differen ...
Desalination 221 (2008)

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