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Amino acids

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... in preference to the corresponding enantiomer by electrodialysis. Permselectivity toward the D-isomer exceeded the adsorption selectivity. Keywords: Amino acids; Chiral recognition; Electrodialysis; Membrane; Molecular imprinting; Molecular recognition; Optical resolution; Permselectivity 1.
Desalination 149 (2002)

L-valine and L-alanine fermentations. On the basis of the obtained results, it is possible to develop technologically accessible electrodialysis of amino acids as well as other biologically active substance desalting from cultured liquids. Desalination 228 (2008) 237–244 Desalting of neutral amino ...
Desalination 228 (2008)

... showed a quadratic dependence upon the relative supersaturation which suggests a surface-controlled growth mechanism. Influence of a number of amino acids on the rate of reaction has been studied at several additive concentrations. The addition of amino acids even at relatively low concentratio ...
Desalination 228 (2008)

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