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... wastewater is conventionally treated in Kuwaiti sewage treatment plants, and a major portion of this treated effluent is discharged to the Gulf. Advanced treatment of treated wastewater would yield a better quality effluent which can be used as an alternative water resource and therefore reduces th ...
Desalination 196 (2006)

... chain can become feasible options. One of the innovations is direct membrane filtration of raw wastewater. Other innovating technologies are advanced oxidation processes. The latter become more and more important since substances such as pesticides, endocrine disrupters, etc. are given priority.... A key element in the Aquarec project is the development of a water treatment matrix in which wastewater treatment process schemes are categorized as a function of the raw wastewater quality and the reuse application. Starting point is the definition of reus ...
Desalination 218 (2008)

... while its organic content was very low. The results obtained can be used for implementing nitrification membrane reactors at full scale. Keywords: Advanced treatment; Bioreactor; Hollow fibre; Partial nitrification; Submerged membrane; Wastewater 1. Introduction The use of non-conventional wate ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

In this study, a laboratory-scale membrane distillation (MD) system was developed for advanced treatment of biologically treated coking wastewater (BTCW), while the effect of pre-coagulation was also investigated. Results showed tha ...
Desalination 380 (2016)

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