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Reverse Osmosis membrane recovery rate calculator

Recovery Rate of an RO

Recovery rate is defined as the percentage of permeate water recovered through reverse osmosis. In order to determine a design recovery rate, the ratio of permeate flow to feed flow is calculated.

Recovery Rate [%] :

Permeate Flow [m3/h] :

Reverse Osmosis membrane recovery rate calculator

A RO membrane systems has three water flows:

Inlet                     = to be treated water

Permeate            = produced and desalinated water

Concetnrate       = wastewater or brine with the concentrated salts

Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration systems are designed for a calculated and predefined flow and recovery rate depending on the feed water quality, temperature and pH. Operators should not deviate from these values. Below you can easily calculate the recovery percentage. For questions or trouble shooting contact info@lenntech.com !

With seawater (up to 50,000ppm) the recovery rate is usually between 35% and 45% With brackish water (<15,000ppm) the recovery rate is typically around 65% but can be as low as 16% or as high as 92%.

Lenntech can assist in guiding you to optimal recovery rates! Just contact us at info@lenntech.com

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